Feb-8-2014 (#55021) By: EvilisAnihilis (points: 26, rank: 411)

The Dead One - Antinatalism (Extremely Graphic Content)
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What is your life worth?
What is the risk of creating life?

Semi-music, propaganda video. [Non-glorification]
"Just say no to kids."

Thanks to "inmendham", Gary, for an inviolate philosophy and supporting the video.

Originally on YouTube, now here:
Music from one man H. V. Lyngdal's Wormlust ("The Feral Wisdom" album)
$850.00 in the making (computer from Craigslist); took about 2 days of editing and 1 day for prep.

Clips from "".

For more information: (Gladiator War - Graphic Content) (What is Antinatalism?)

David Benatar's "Better Never to Have Been" [. . .]

AN community videoers (mostly under "DNG2") index:


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Mar-1-2014 (#57049) By: llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll - Id: d9xdxSDBvM

Dumb. I can only imagine how fucked up you must be to actually take the time to edit a bunch of gore clips together to the tune of death metal.

Mar-2-2014 (#57169) By: EvilisAnihilis (points: 26, rank: 411)

'Fucked up' enough to know that suffering sucks and that people should think before creating new life to suffer for no fucking reason.
"Antinatalism" was put in the description and title for a reason.
Now, are you an imbecile or moral-nihilist asshole for posting such a comment?
Fuck off.

Mar-8-2014 (#57669) By: llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll - Id: d9xdxSDBvM

Making a video of people suffering to the tune of death metal has nothing to do with antinatalism and everything to do with your fucked up enjoyment of other people’s pain. It’s unfortunate that you lived a life that led to you believing the primary aspect of living is suffering. I pity you. Just remember you can put an end to all of it any time you want by shoving the barrel of a gun in your mouth and pulling the trigger.
Now go punch some more holes in your ceiling, trailer trash. Maybe if you got a haircut, showered, and stopped the overly exaggerated, condescending act you display in your vlogs other people might not treat you like the trash you are. You might even be able to interact with other people and realize how hilariously ridiculous your world view is.

Mar-8-2014 (#57742) By: EvilisAnihilis (points: 26, rank: 411)

Ah, so you've been obsessing.
Do you think I would've already done the things you suggested?
People with cancer, other mental illnesses etc, can't just brush it off with mundane whitewash.

Suffering has everything to do with procreation as it is what brought us here in the first place, and killing myself wouldn't solve that problem.
So if you're done spitting (ad hominem), fuck off.

Apr-5-2014 (#60158) By: Anon - Id: UETDwXaUAQ

Yeah, there's much more to life than suffering. The fact that you dwell so much on the negative reality of life is pretty disturbing.

Apr-11-2014 (#60598) By: EvilisAnihilis (points: 26, rank: 411)

Any yet there's nothing that outweighs the price of suffering.
I've had moment of sear glory, don't mistake that.
Compare the two and you're placing a photon infront of a blackhole.
Suffering sucks and is inherently negative, in other words.
I've suffered what I'd wish or allow on no future person to go through.
I also have schizophrenia, so have a nice day.

Mar-9-2014 (#57775) By: Stavi (points: 1, rank: 6267)

Really with the fucking music?

Apr-11-2014 (#60599) By: EvilisAnihilis (points: 26, rank: 411)

Yes, makes the whole experience more unbearable, don't you think?
Say "mercy" is what I thought.

May-5-2014 (#62972) By: Alter_ego (points: 10, rank: 952)

Nobody its understand the meaning of the vídeo , first read the title , if u dont understand the word antinatalism , fuck yourself

May-5-2014 (#63026) By: EvilisAnihilis (points: 26, rank: 411)


Jun-9-2014 (#65974) By: Guest user - Id: 2OyeXQHnDQ

thank you

Jun-16-2014 (#66777) By: stewart mcpherson (points: 1, rank: 6535)

your editings skills are pish,,,,

Jun-17-2014 (#66833) By: EvilisAnihilis (points: 26, rank: 411)

Your comment is fuck all.
But really, when it comes to even coming close to making a video like this the important thing is to fucking get it out there.
I could've easily given up at the sight of having to piece this together -- it's not for fun.

Oct-29-2014 (#80902) By: msbachman (points: 1, rank: 4407)

People jumped on this b/c of one faggot who didn't like it.

It's a decent shock vid; some of the stuff I haven't seen before. Haters fuck off.

Feb-14-2015 (#91389) By: Sane - Id: e1mU.s9hns

Sick, mentally deranged run rampant. NUKE IT !!!

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